My Health Journey Goals for 2020: Part 2

by Brittany Hollie

In  My Health Journey Goals for 2020: Part 1, I discussed what my goals for 2020 are. If you haven’t seen that post yet please read it first before reading this. 

The Nitty-Gritty Details About My Health Journey Goals for 2020: Part 2

We cannot ignore the mind-body connection, we must honor the connection if we want to be the healthiest versions of ourselves! I’ve experienced a ton of childhood trauma, as I’m sure most people have, and there comes a point in your journey that you realize you cannot handle the healing journey on your own without the proper tools. I did therapy as a pre-teen and again after my college freshman year, but I don’t feel as if it helped me much. That’s why I will use EMDR therapy, CBT, and hypnotherapy to help heal my mind.

All of the rest of the therapies will help heal my body.   Craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage massage, and Rolfing are forms of bodywork that will help move around lymph fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, and fascia to remove toxins from the body and help reduce inflammation and pain.

My Health Journey Goals for 2020: Part 2 -- In Part 1, I discussed my health journey goals to revering my chronic and autoimmune diseases. In Part 2, I explain what each therapy will do to help me reverse my diseases. -- #alssa #healthjourney #healthjourneygoals #healthgoals2020

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Red and green light therapywill help reduce pain & inflammation, increases collagen production, improves sleep, enhances weight loss (which I currently don’t need any assistance with at this time. LOL More on that later.). Green light specifically treats neuropathic pain, chronic & acute pain, migraines, etc.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, ozone sauna, and infrared sauna would specifically help kill bacteria, viruses, and toxins while stimulating the release of growth factors and stem cells, increasing blood flow and oxygen to cells and tissues, clearing the lymphatic system, strengthening the immune system, etc.

PEMF mat uses pulsed electromagnetic waves and different frequencies to target specific tissue types. PEMF therapy works to “realign the electric potential of our cells,’ in essence it repairs your cells. PEMF therapy would be classified under energy medicine. Each cell in your body has a specific frequency. Disruptions in your cell’s electrical currents can lead to illness. I’ve used a PEMF mat several times and each time I’ve used it, I felt no pain for the rest of the day!

Cellular energy clearing and biofield tuning also fall under the category of energy medicine. I know this can sound like woo-woo medicine to most people. Energy medicine will begin to pick up more speed within the next few years. We all have an energy body (biofield) as well as a physical body and your energy body needs tending to just as your physical body does. Trauma can stay trapped inside your cells and in your energy body and create blockages where energy cannot freely pass through causing manifestations of pain in your physical body. I promise I will go deeper into detail in a separate post and a video! I have had cellular energy clearings before and noticed a physical detox reaction so it does work. I haven’t tried biofield tuning yet, but I think it’s the therapy I’m looking forward to trying the most.

I’ve experimented with peptide therapies for almost a year now. Specifically, I’ve used BPC-157 to help with healing my leaky gut. I’ve also used Epitalon (supports the pineal gland) and have a bottle of TB-500 (supports the thymus) I’m going to try soon. There are a ton more peptides I want to try and will have a lot of future content about them.

My Health Journey Goals for 2020: Part 2 -- In Part 1, I discussed my health journey goals to revering my chronic and autoimmune diseases. In Part 2, I explain what each therapy will do to help me reverse my diseases. -- #alssa #healthjourney #healthjourneygoals #healthgoals2020

I’ve done acupuncture for a year and will continue those treatments. I’ve definitely noticed benefits from acupuncture and highly recommend people try it! I’ll be testing out some more supplements to help reduce my systemic inflammation, detox my system, and support my immune and nervous system.

Chiropractic adjustments are a must! I can’t wait to get more and will make a video explaining in detail what all my chiropractor has done for me. She is awesome, very knowledgeable, and truly cares about her patients. Check out Dr. Brenda Hassebrock of The Wellness Way if you live in Houston, TX.

Reducing EMF exposure is paramount to ensuring your health is optimal! I’ll be sharing my adventures with EMF reduction so you guys can learn what to do too!

Flotation therapy and cryotherapy are great treatments for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) so I’m down to try them ASAP. I’m a little nervous about cryotherapy though, because this sista does NOT do cold weather well! 🤣

The most important goal on my list is the first one, moving to a new house! Mold in this house is making me very sick and I’ve read so many people’s accounts about mold remediation and I’m a little nervous. My immune system has been so compromised that I don’t even think after we finish the mold remediation that my health will improve very much. The house will be safe for someone else after remediation, but I don’t want to take any chances for myself. Of course, you guys know y’all will be there with me every step of the way! 💛

What to Expect in the Future

Here I am, long-winded again. LMAO I didn’t want to just write my list and not give any explanation at all. Again, I’ll go into more detail of each of these therapies in separate blog posts. I hope my list will inspire you guys to get serious about your health.

Maybe you’ll try a few of these therapies and will report back to me with your results. If you found any of these therapies intriguing comment and let me know or tag me on social media. I love the DMs I receive from y’all! Keep them coming.

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Brittany Hollie

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