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by Brittany Hollie

A Lil’ Bit To Get To Know Me

Brittany Hollie


Hey, y’all! So you guys are basically a part of my family now! And since we are family I think y’all should know a little bit about me. You can call me Brittany or Britt.  I’m a fun-sized (4′ 11.5″ to be exact) 20-something entrepreneur currently residing in Houston, TX that is a lover of all things food and health and DIY projects and beauty and style and business…okay, you get the point! I own an online organic dessert shop famously (in my mind, give me some time) known as Piece of Paradise.   I’m a very proud mother of 1 fur baby named Nugget, he’s my ray of sunshine on my down days! I am a Spoonie which basically means I suffer from chronic illness, but I am on a mission  to conquer it and help others conquer theirs along the way. I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, POTS, and Dysautonomia. Yep, it’s a lot but I don’t let it hinder me! I’m not the first person with these disorders and won’t be the last. 

Having autoimmune diseases can sometimes make eating challenging and when you consider yourself a foodie you begin to feel like you were cursed! Some foods really don’t like me and it’s such a shame because I have love for them. *insert eye-rolling emoji* I’ve had to change the way I eat in order to help relieve some of my symptoms. Eating organically grown foods has literally become my life saver and I just want all of y’all to learn a little bit more about eating natural foods so it can touch your life as well! I don’t know about y’all but I at least wanna be around for another 70 years so I can embarrass my great great grandkids! Now I don’t follow a particular protocol, diet, or meal plan because I love chowing down on a variety of foods, plus I’m a bit rebellious and don’t like for others to tell me what to do! LOL, So I do my own thing, I listen to what my body has to say and treat her right or she will betray me like an evil twin. And I PROMISE the food will taste as good (or better) than the traditional recipes you’ve grown accustomed to.

Anyway, this blog will not only give me an outlet to share my life experiences with you all but it will give me a voice to speak for others like me! I don’t see too many people in their 20’s that have invisible illnesses in the blogosphere. I love helping people, it’s just something I was born to do; I’m the go-to family member for you to get advice on food, health and life advice. I might also be that person blogging about what shows I binge watch, my shopping sprees or the latest book I’m reading. Feel free to drop me a few lines in an email or follow me on social media. Facebook: A Lil’ Sweet, Spice, & Advice Twitter: @brittsliladvice Instagram: @brittsliladvice Snapchat: @merci_britte Pinterest: @brittsliladvice Email: [email protected] 

P.S. – Feel free to help a sistah out and check out my business page @ popsweetsboutique.com, Facebook: Piece of Paradise, IG & Twitter: @popsweetsboutique.com. Email: [email protected]


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