What’s Going On and Where Have I Been?

by Brittany Hollie

I’ve owed you all this post for some time now. I’ve been putting it off. I believe KNOW I’ve been putting it off because of fear. Fearing what people think of me has served no purpose in advancing my life. Yet it has been the hardest thing for me to shake. I’m about to get REAL and HONEST with you guys for a few minutes.

*Cues Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On in the background* 🤣

What's Going On and Where Have I Been? -- I disappeared from the blog for several months in 2019 and this is why. Have a healing protocol and business launch plans that I want to share with you all. -- lilsweetspiceadvice.com #ALSSA #healthandwellness

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Have you guys been wondering why I disappeared from the blog for several months in 2019? Then I popped back up with a few lifestyle posts and recipes? I did announce to my Twitter followers what had been going on with me. (If you aren’t already following me on Twitter you should follow ya girl, @brittsliladvice.) THAT was challenging for me to do. Even though I could confide in one audience I found it hard to confide in my other audiences and I realize that isn’t fair to everyone across the board. Pouring my heart out onto this blog felt a little too real. It seems like everyone can end up reading what I post on this blog, thanks to SEO. To be frank, with the few thousand followers I have on Twitter, only a few hundred will actually see my tweets. So a blog is a more vulnerable space than a Twitter account.

I abandoned Instagram, haven’t posted over there in over a year, even though I did post to IG stories sometimes. For my own mental sake, I had to abandon Facebook for several months. It was agonizing for me to see everyone posting their pictures from vacationing with friends to getting married to having babies to getting new promotions at work.

As much as I LOVE to cheer people on for their accomplishments, it took a toll on my already fragile mental health to see friends and family that had abandoned me because of my diseases going on and living life. I’m not ready to discuss my mental health situation quite yet, but I most definitely will when I’m in a better place. I want my situation to be able to help so many others once I’ve figured out how to completely heal this trauma!

Speaking of trauma, I unearthed so much trauma from my childhood last year that I had suppressed for many many years. At times I wish those memories never resurfaced, but I am happy that they did because I was able to share those memories with my dad. Now he understands me on a deeper level. CHIIILLLE, do not unearth any trauma memories unless you can properly process them because WHEW! 😅🤣

I’m longing to be in a better place mentally, emotionally, financially and physically in 2020. Especially financially! It’s been the hardest financial year of our lives! I’ll fill you guys in on that once I’ve processed everything. I will say be careful with your finances, who you expend your finances and time too. Time is your second most valuable asset after your health! If you focus too much on helping and saving others you forget to focus on yourself which can be the decision that will undo you.

What's Going On and Where Have I Been? -- I disappeared from the blog for several months in 2019 and this is why. Have a healing protocol and business launch plans that I want to share with you all. -- lilsweetspiceadvice.com #ALSSA #healthandwellness

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What was going on in 2019?

The best thing that happened last year was determining what the root causes of my diseases are! I figured it out by running my own lab tests. YES! You can run your own lab tests depending on your state’s laws. Since I’m desperate to heal myself, I consume as much health-related information as I can! In the past few years, I’ve read research papers, health and wellness articles, books, and watched summits lead by some of the leading doctors and specialists in the world. Watching those health summits taught me so much about the underlying causes of most diseases.

I learned which tests I should order to get a good picture of what’s going on with my body. I ran 6 different lab tests and found the most disturbing results of them all. Toxic mycotoxins from mold are growing and wreaking havoc on my body. I’ll be back with a completely separate post to explain about toxic mold, toxic non-metal chemicals, toxic metals, the tests I ordered, and what my treatment protocol is like.

It feels good to know what’s wrong and that I can fix it! At the beginning of 2019 to almost summertime, I was suffering from severe neurological problems, unexplained pains, couldn’t complete sentences which frustrated me to the point that I didn’t even want to talk at all, couldn’t remember what I was doing from one second to the next, literally. I felt like I had dementia. Come to find out the mold has been taking a toll on my brain. From all the neurological and brain problems I couldn’t and didn’t want to post anything on my blog! I was ashamed of myself, ashamed of something that I really couldn’t control.

I started tinkering around with different supplements and integrative therapies which provided some relief and gave me back some of my brain function. I still suffer from some brain fog, still find it hard to focus and complete tasks, still forget words when I speak, but I am doing better! Still have a ways to go and I’m committing to showing y’all as much of my journey as I can.

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What's Going On and Where Have I Been? -- I disappeared from the blog for several months in 2019 and this is why. Have a healing protocol and business launch plans that I want to share with you all. -- lilsweetspiceadvice.com #ALSSA #healthandwellness

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What’s going on now?

I’ll be working through my low confidence and pushing myself to create more videos to document and share the knowledge that I’ve gained. Did I mention that I’ve been able to help people on their health journeys? I’ve been able to help some folks and can no longer deny that I must become a Certified Transformational Nutrition Health Coach and Certified Aromatherapist at some point this year. I must become a Certified Aromatherapist to help improve the products that I’ve been developing for almost 2 years. I talk about my products a lot on Twitter and have tester groups on there as well. I’ll explain all of this in another separate post! 😆

Phew! This post was a lot longer than I had anticipated it to be, but I needed to let you guys know what’s been going on with me and what you can expect from me in the future. I said this to say that last year took the cake as the roughest year of my life as well as the most transformational year. I’m striving to never be at that lowest of low point ever again!

I wanna hear from you guys! Send me an email, send me a DM on Twitter. I’m always answering my DMs on there. I’ll get back to posting on IG soon. If you have any health questions that need to get answered, I will answer them to the best of my knowledge. If I can’t answer them, I have coaches and doctors in my circle that can provide me with the answers. If you ever need someone to listen and talk to I’m all ears. I’m an empath and being there for people is one of the best feelings in the world to me!

Love you guys! I’ll come back with my next post about my health goals for 2020 and a post about the products I’ve been developing and the business that I am building.

Brittany Hollie

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Thank you for sharing your story Britt! You brighten and smarten up my twitter feed

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Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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