Guess What! …I’m Officially An Author – Top Foods to Boost Your Immune System

by Brittany Hollie

It has been a few months since I’ve checked in over here. To say I’ve been BUSY busy would be an understatement! I had a lot going on with my health, and I explained that in a YouTube video. I’m going to create a short separate post about why I have been splitting my time between my home and my aunt’s home. 

Anyway, outside of my living arrangements, I had been busy writing away on my MacBook Pro just for all of you! Seeing so many people worried at the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to do what I could to ease people’s fears and pains. So I wrote a book called Top Foods to Boost Your Immune System! 

Top Foods to Boost Your immune System ebook cover

Also, seeing so many people that look like me losing their lives due to the virus every time I turn on the news or scroll my Twitter feed made me want to jump into action! I know I can’t help everyone, I know I can’t help that many people, but I know I can help a few. 

One day, I will get this 115 page (ePub format) book into the hands of many, literally. I plan to get this book printed and sell printed copies on my website. Until then, I hope more and more people will purchase the ebook version. 

What the Heck Is Top Foods to Boost Your Immune System About?

Now that you understand why I wrote this book let me tell you all about my book. 

Top Foods to Boost Your Immune System breaks down the top vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your immune system needs to be strengthened and prepared for fighting off any infection! Each chapter focuses on a specific vitamin, mineral, or nutrient, how it activates the immune system, affects immune cells, and affects the body overall. You’ll find all of the foods that contain these specific vitamins, minerals, or nutrients listed at the end of each chapter. 

It’s important for YOU to understand how specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrients impact immune cells so that no one can tell you that “natural things don’t work” because they do! It irritates me to see so many people ignorantly state that foods and supplements can’t improve your health. They just haven’t taken the time to read through research papers. That’s what I did to write this book!

With your purchase, you will receive a PDF file and ePub file of this ebook. You will also receive an Immune Boosting Food Journal to keep track of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you are consuming daily. 

Top Foods to Boost Your Immune System ebook cover_2

I want to make sure everyone understands and implements everything that the book has to offer, so you will also receive exclusive access to a private Facebook group with your purchase. In the Facebook group, we will discuss each chapter of the book. We will also cook some immune-boosting recipes live together! You don’t want to miss ANY of this! 😁

If this sounds right up your alley and you know you can use some help in taking control of your health, strengthening your immune system, and teaching new healthy principles to your family you should go ahead and buy my ebook by clicking here

Tell me in the comment section below what you’ve been doing to take care of your body during this quarantine and tell me when you will be purchasing this book. 

As always, keep up with me on social media because I am active nearly every day there. Follow me on Twitter, follow me on IG where I will begin sharing more posts, and also subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will be dropping a new video next week. 

I hope you and your family continue to stay safe! We need to all stay safe and healthy so we can PARTAY once Rona has left the building. 


Brittany Hollie

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