Why You Should Be the Boss of All Your Relationships

by Brittany Hollie

A lot of people tell you to not mix business with pleasure and I agree to a certain extent. Business should be strictly business, but friendships and relationships can actually benefit from some business rules. Now none of us are perfect beings, we are all bound to make some mistakes as an employee. There are only so many excuses that a boss will take from an employee. I know some of you will say “my boss is always giving me a hard time,” well I’m not referring to the micromanagers that tend to annoy everyone. I’m talking about the manager who leads his/her team, sets a proper example, trains their employees to properly finish all duties and will occasionally work alongside them, and gives them the space they need to complete tasks and take ownership for their responsibilities. That kind of manager will give his/her employees a few chances to correct their mistakes and keep their job. 

Why You Should Be the Boss of All Your Relationships - Don't be afraid to be the boss and fire toxic friends and significant others. - lilsweetspiceadvice.com

Don’t be afraid to be the boss and fire toxic friends and significant others.

            Relationships and friendships should work in a similar fashion as boss/employee relationships. A good friend/significant other will set a proper example by giving you reasons to trust them, will be an effective listener, will take your thoughts and feelings into consideration when implementing decisions that will affect both of you. A good friend/significant other will grow with you, will be there to help you pick up the pieces when life sucker-punches you, will give you the space you need to be yourself, but will always let you know that whenever you need anything they will be there. On the contrary, you have to share these same attributes with your friend/significant other in order for the relationship to work. If you feel like you are disproportionately doing everything to keep the relationship alive and propel it forward, you need to boss up! We’ve already established that not everyone is perfect but they need to try to be the best employee, friend, significant other or spouse that they can be! They WILL make mistakes and do things that will disappoint you. The problem is when you continually allow that person to make mistakes over and over again, and then you give them chance after chance to correct their behavior.

            A good boss will recognize that the troubled employee is dragging down the rest of the team and interfering with the growth of the company. They’ve given them a few chances to fix their mistakes but there is some sort of disconnect occurring. It’s best to let that employee go because there are only so many times that you can fix that employee’s mistakes before you get tired of correcting them. The company is nothing without its employees and can only suffer through so many mistakes before its progress is diminished and its value decreases.

Why You Should Be the Boss of All Your Relationships - You are the boss of your life, be the boss of your relationships as well. - lilsweetspiceadvice.com

            YOU are the boss and the company. You can only withstand so many mistakes from your friend/significant other before the value that you have in yourself decreases. People have a tendency to allow that troubled friend or significant other to diminish them so much that they become emotionally bankrupt. Once you’ve become emotionally bankrupt you don’t feel like you ever want to get back on the saddle and try this thing out again with a new friend or significant other. Don’t let it get to that point! You should have enough dignity and self-love to be the boss in your relationship. Fire that person and move on, you will find someone else that is ready to take on the position. Companies know that there will always be an opportunity to find another qualified employee. Companies have too much on the line to be worried about keeping around an unqualified employee.

            A company may have to spend more money to train a new employee, but in the long run it will be saving them money if that new employee is very skilled. It may be very taxing on you emotionally to have to build a relationship with someone new, but in the end it will be well worth your time and energy if that new person is qualified to be in your life.

Brittany Hollie

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