Sparkle and Spice Bars Soaps Review

by Brittany Hollie

If I could figure out how to insert emojis into my blog posts (I don’t have a Mac) I would place a row of the cheesy grin emojis right here! So pretend they’re here because I can’t stop smiling about Sparkle and Spice Bars Soaps. OH MY GOODNESS! I’ve fallen in love with these natural soaps! Y’all must know that I not only love eating natural, organic foods, but I am a huge proponent of using natural body products, hair products, household cleaning projects, etc. So I’m going to make it a point to share with you guys whenever I find any natural product I love. And let me preface this review by saying it is NOT sponsored, but I did receive one extra bar of soap that arrived with my order. I found this company through Instagram; I told the owner that I would review the products because it’s a brand new company and a small business like me. Make it a point to always support small businesses whenever you can, they are chasing the American dream just like the big boys!

Sparkle and Spice Bars Soap Review -- I'm all for using natural products so I had to share this NEW natural soaps brand with you guys! --

Anyway, back to these mind-boggling moisture enriched bars of soap! I usually LOATHE bar soap because it makes my skin feel like the Sahara desert after I have lathered up. Y’all know that feeling. LOL. I only grab the bar soap if I’ve run out of my Bath & Body Works. Sidenote: I can’t wait to use up my Bath & Body Works (I’m a sucker for the Semi-Annual Sales) so I can exclusively use only natural body products. I’ve heard in the past that bar soaps leave a filmy layer on your skin so that’s why I’ve only stuck to body washes like Dove, Bath & Body Works, etc. I knew after all of the research I’ve completed for my health that I needed to switch to natural body products. When I saw the Sparkle and Spice Bars on Instagram I jumped at the opportunity to try a natural bar soap for the first time! I scurried over to their website and was met by their breathtaking landing page. It evoked girlish, whimsical emotions within me. I perused the soap selection and almost lost my mind looking at the variances in color, design, scents, and ingredients. Make sure you take a look at their website for yourself!

Sparkle and Spice Bars Soap Review -- I'm all for using natural products so I had to share this NEW natural soaps brand with you guys! --

The Breakdown of Sparkle and Spice Bars

I was very indecisive, but I eventually narrowed my order down to two bars. I purchased The Marble Bar and the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Bar. They sent me the Strawberry & Carrot Purée Bar for free. I decided on The Marble Bar because I absolutely LOVE clay in my hair conditioners and shampoos for the detoxifying properties and knew I’d love it in soap. They use red Moroccan clay in this bar as well as activated charcoal, and herbal water infused with rosemary, sage, lavender, and apple cider vinegar. They said red Moroccan clay is great for “evening out skin tone, reduce breakouts, increase skin elasticity, reduce dryness and more.” This bar is unscented so it’s perfect to use with a scented lotion, perfume, or body sprays. Since it’s unscented, I think the huge plus with this soap is having the ability to use it on your face! I wouldn’t dare let regular bar soaps or body washes touch my face. This soap is perfect for acne prone or oily skin. Luckily, I don’t suffer from acne and I have combination skin so I can’t quite comment on those benefits, but I will say that The Marble Bar left my skin feeling AHHMAZING. I didn’t feel dry after lathering and rinsing. The soap has great sudsy quality as well for those who care about bubbles. LOL. I was highly impressed and would definitely repurchase in the future. Oh yeah, this bar is huge, so it should last for some time!

Sparkle and Spice Bars Soap Review -- I'm all for using natural products so I had to share this NEW natural soaps brand with you guys! --

So I used these soaps for about 5 days each so I could give you guys a review of all of them. The next soap I tried was the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Bar. I decided to purchase this bar because it’s gorgeous and it said it was scented with a sweet, floral scent. Now this particular bar doesn’t contain clay or an herbal water infusion, but it contains tons of oils, five to be exact, so it’s highly moisturizing! I didn’t think a soap with that many oils would be so cleansing, but I had to stop and think about oil cleansing. I’ll make a future blog post about that. Oil cleansing is one of the best ways to clean your skin because of the enriching natural properties of the oil. Anyway, back to the most important part of this bar…the sparkles! LOL, You can’t deny being drawn to this bar by the gold sparkles on top, it’s just the perfect touch to make you feel like a queen in the shower! Sparkles aren’t super crucial at bath time, but they can have a welcoming addition to my bath routine. Now for the scent, it leaves a faintly sweet, feminine scent that can be the base for layering any of your favorite scented lotions and perfumes on top. I will definitely order this one again as well and can’t wait to try the other scented soaps.

Sparkle and Spice Bars Soap Review -- I'm all for using natural products so I had to share this NEW natural soaps brand with you guys! --

Last, but not least, the Strawberry & Carrot Purée Bar which is the most interesting bar by far. Like, who purees strawberries and carrots and swirls them into soap!? Sparkle and Spice Bars, that’s who! LOL, this bar contains strawberries and carrots because they create a natural glow, treat blemishes, help with aging, and provide sun protection. This bar also includes activated charcoal like The Marble Bar for detoxification purposes as well as reducing the size of pores, treating oily skin and acne. The thing I love most about this bar is the texture; you can actually see and feel the strawberry seeds, so you know it’s real! My skin didn’t feel stripped after using this soap and my face felt clean and moisturized after as well. I totally recommend everyone trying this bar and will gladly purchase this one in the future.

Sparkle and Spice Bars Soap Review -- I'm all for using natural products so I had to share this NEW natural soaps brand with you guys! --

Sparkle and Spice Bars is such a unique company that puts a lot of effort into the proper execution of their products. Everything is handmade, each bar of soap is stamped by hand with their name and the soaps arrive in the cutest packaging – organza bags! I received a handwritten note that provides a perfect touch of customer service letting me know they take pride in fulfilling your order. Not too many companies know how to create a relationship with the customer anymore. They are officially launching next month! I’m so looking forward to witnessing their growth! The prices seem reasonable considering they are completely natural and handmade. I’m always willing to pay for quality products. I hope you guys will give their products a try because they definitely have a special product and vision.

If you’re interested in seeing me do more product reviews similar to this, please share this blog post with your family and social media friends by clicking the share buttons on the side, top, or bottom of this page. Are you going to give Sparkle and Spice Bars a try? Let me know in the comment section or on social media by following me on: Bloglovin’,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (@merci_britte)  to stay up-to-date. Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel because I will be adding more recipe and chat videos soon!

Sparkle and Spice Bars Soap Review -- I'm all for using natural products so I had to share this NEW natural soaps brand with you guys! --

Brittany Hollie

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Makayla Carter

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Aaliyah Johnson

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