Why You Need to Master Loving People From Afar on Blavity

by Brittany Hollie

Originally published by Blavity at www.blavity.com.

I recently wrote another article and it was published by Blavity again! YAY! I’m so ecstatic again. LOL I love having articles published by Blavity so expect to see more throughout my career! I was inspired to write “Why You Need to Master Loving People From Afar”  based off of past experiences and lessons I’ve learned. I figured I should write things down and hopefully it would be a “message right on time” for someone out there. We’ve all experienced hurt and deceit from someone we care(d) about, but we may not know how to deal with them after we’ve been hurt repeatedly. If you’ve experienced this situation at any point in your life then this article is for you!

Why You Need to Master Loving People From Afar (Originally Posted on Blavity) -- If you've ever been deceived or hurt by someone you care(d) about this article is for you! -- lilsweetspiceadvice.com

Here’s the link to my article!

I want you guys to visit their page to read my article so maybe you will find other talented content creators’ articles to read after mine! We all work extremely hard and could all use the support. If you like my article and theirs as well please share it with your friends and family on social media. Don’t be afraid to spread the word about Blavity’s platform for content creators!

Brittany Hollie

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