Listen to Your Body for Better Health

by Brittany Hollie

Hey, y’all! I hope you’re doing okay, hope your family is well! I’ve been trying to think of a blog post for the past few days, but I’ve been going through a Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome flare, and quite frankly, it has been kicking me in the rear! When I am experiencing a flare my body practically says, “anything goes!” -___- So if the nerves in my legs want to go dead, causing me to not be able to walk that day, well, I just want to roll my eyes into the back of my skull and tell off my brain! LOL, I already have memory problems due to my diseases/disorders, but during a flare….HONEY! You may have better luck asking your pet to remember to tell you to do something versus telling me. LOL, I also experienced a few other symptoms that you guys probably don’t care to hear about. I’ll save those for a separate blog post, specifically about the many symptoms I experience from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and POTS/dysautonomia. Anyway, I couldn’t think of anything to post at first, but I decided to listen to my body and rest. Then a light bulb lit upstairs and I decided the PERFECT blog post to share with you guys would be how and why you should listen to your body!

Listen to Your Body for Better Health -- In order to have an optimal level of health you NEED to learn how and why you should listen to your body! --

I listen to my body by being in tune with my daily rhythm, if you will.Click To Tweet

How To Listen to Your Body

I should probably get into the “how” before I discuss the “why.” If you’ve never had major health issues at first it may seem daunting to learn how to listen to your body. I’ve had health problems all of my life, serious health problems for the last 8 years, and I am JUST NOW beginning to listen to my body instead of fighting against it. I listen to my body by being in tune with my daily rhythm, if you will. The moment I feel a “yucky” feeling creeping into my stomach or my muscles I KNOW I need to slow my role and do whatever I can to decrease my symptoms so that they hopefully will not turn into a flare. If you aren’t familiar with a flare it’s basically a period of time where your symptoms are extremely heightened and nothing seems to help to decrease the symptoms but time. A flare doesn’t have an expiration date, your body stops flaring whenever it wants to. Again, my body has a mind of its own; it doesn’t necessarily listen to my brain! SMH A flare can last for a few days and up to several months. When I was in college, I experienced flares that could last nearly the entire semester! Anyway, if you notice something that is slightly out of the norm, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If your fingers are twitching a few times a day, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you feel like you’ve expended too much energy while eating or after you have finished eating, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If you are experiencing a headache that lasts for a few days, goes dormant for one day then reappears, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! Don’t just shrug it off. Our bodies are constantly giving us clues to something being wrong with us, but sometimes we refuse to listen because “it’s not that big of a deal. It only happens occasionally.” *insert rolling eyes emoji here* It’s not normal to be sick, start paying attention to the small details. Make note of them, go see your doctor and if he offers you a referral to see a specialist then you better set that appointment! The objective is to be on top of your health before things begin to sour! Also, don’t be afraid to check the internet for your symptoms…just don’t become a hypochondriac. The WebMD is there to help you assess your symptoms so you know what to ask your doctor about when you visit him/her!

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Why You Should Listen to Your Body

I hated listening to my body because I didn’t want to accept the fact that my body has more limits than my soul/heart has. “My body’s telling me NO! But my mind, my mind is telling me yesss!” (Yes, I totally just sang that in R. Kelly’s voice). LOL But seriously, I am a very strong-willed individual, I hate when any obstacle stands in my way and I can’t do a thing to move around it! That is why I am so determined to create a platform to show other people experiencing health/life hardships that they can persevere through anything! But I wouldn’t be able to build that platform without listening to my body. If I continually push myself through a flare there’s a great chance I won’t get anything accomplished and I’ve most likely extended my flare by pushing too hard. You can’t put forth your best efforts into the world if you don’t take care of yourself! You may be working so hard at your job hoping to get a promotion that you run your health into the ground in the process. So what good does it do you to get that promotion that will require more out of you and you’ve just placed your health in a downward spiral? How are you supposed to get your health to an optimal level without it affecting your productivity and the new tasks you’ve been granted at work? That’s why you have to be serious about your health RIGHT NOW! Don’t wait until it’s too late before you start listening to your body. Too many diseases and disorders are irreversible (as far as we know) without a cure in near sight!

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You get only one body, treat it right and listen to it every single day. You can’t lead that lifestyle you crave if your health is poor! Sometimes the damage has already been done, and sometimes it’s not even your fault. You can’t change how your DNA is wired, but you can change the lifestyle that you live. Get into the habit of listening to your body and teach your kids or loved ones to listen to theirs as well.

Have you ever let some symptoms be swept under the rug and if so, why? Let me know in the comment section or on my social media accounts: Bloglovin’,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (@merci_britte)  to stay up-to-date. Also please subscribe to my YouTube channel because I will be adding recipe and chat videos soon! 

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Brittany Hollie

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