6 Kitchen Organization Ideas from Monkey Bar Storage of Houston

by Brittany Hollie

I’d love to thank my friends over at Monkey Bar Storage of Houston for sharing this informative post about ways to properly organize your kitchen! We all could use some tips to better organize our lives, especially when it comes to our kitchen. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home so I hope you guys will love this post and share it with your family and friends! Let us know in the comment section which kitchen organization ideas you plan to implement first.

The kitchen is where everyone comes to gather for laughter and good food. However, when the space isn’t organized properly it doesn’t leave much space for gathering and cooking. Taking the time to find effective solutions to organize your kitchen according to your family’s lifestyle will save you space and frustration. These 6 organization ideas will help you create an organized kitchen and keep it that way. 

1.Open Shelving

Open shelving adds extra storage to your kitchen and makes it easy to access your dishware. It’s a trendy option that makes your kitchen feel a lot bigger than it actually is. 


2. Contain Food

Food bought in bulk at the grocery store or places such as Costco can be hard to store efficiently in the containers they come in. To store food better transfer them from their bulky boxes and floppy bags into manageable, clear containers.


3. Hanging Pot Rack

If you don’t have extra room in your cabinets to store your pots and pans, a hanging pot rack on your ceiling is a great way to store these items. They remove the items from out of the cabinets, which allows for more storage space, and make the pots and pans easily accessible.


4. Label Food

Well organized cabinets and pantries make it easy to find exactly what you need when you need it. Putting labels on glass jars and baskets enable you to know what’s inside without having to pull the container out.


5. Rolling Kitchen Island

A kitchen island adds extra prep space and storage underneath. They can also be rolled out of the way when you want the space back in your kitchen.