Sparkle and Spice Bars Soaps Review

Sparkle and Spice Bars Soap Review -- I'm all for using natural products so I had to share this NEW natural soaps brand with you guys! --

If I could figure out how to insert emojis into my blog posts (I don’t have a Mac) I would place a row of the cheesy grin emojis right here! So pretend they’re here because I can’t stop smiling about <a href="

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Crio Bru Product Review

Crio Bru Review - Brewed Cocoa Beans are the new coffee! -

I have a bone to pick with somebody…I’m not quite sure who yet, but SOMEBODY out there has been holding back priceless information from me! Why didn’t anyone tell me that I can drink brewed chocolate as if it was coffee?! *insert exhausted emoji

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