Frozen Mangonada Margaritas

Mangonada Margaritas--Mangonada and margaritas have finally joined together in holy matrimony! Homemade organic chamoy sauce, frozen mangoes, and chili lime seasoning are combined to make a twist on the classic frozen

Mangonada Margaritas. Yep, you read that right! All of the flavors of a mangonada blended into a classic frozen margarita. If you aren’t familiar with a mangonada it is a Mexican frozen mango drink made with lime juice, chili lime seasoning, and

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Orange Mint Julep Sorbet and Mimosas

Orange Mint Julep Sorbet and Mimosas (10 of 10)

It’s the holiday weekend and we all know what that means…food will be shared and drinks will be flowing! What better way to get your drink on than with your dessert?! Yep, we are putting the booze IN the sorbet. 😉 My Orange Mint Julep Sorbet

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