Spicy Cherry Glazed Chicken Wings

Spicy Cherry Glazed Chicken Wings--These Spicy Cherry Glazed Chicken Wings will make you forget all about BBQ sauce wings. Oven baked crispy chicken wings are tossed in homemade spiced cherry glaze and red pepper flakes.--lilsweetspiceadvice.com

I know what you’re thinking, “Cherry glaze on chicken wings?! Why do I want fruit on my chicken wings?” Hear me out! You NEED these Spicy Cherry Glazed Chicken Wings in your life! My Spiced Cherry Glaze combined with red pepper flakes luxuriously

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Coconut Shrimp & Calamari Curry

Coconut Shrimp & Calamari Curry -- I grabbed the wrong ingredient from the freezer but the flavor of this dish was not a mistake! -- lilsweetspiceadvice.com

You guys… I know, I know. I messed up! I promised this coconut shrimp & calamari curry recipe like 3 weeks ago when I made it on Snapchat. I’m so sorry! It totally slipped my mind. But I am so glad I remembered because this coconut shrimp

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