Orange Mint Julep Sorbet and Mimosas

Orange Mint Julep Sorbet and Mimosas (10 of 10)

It’s the holiday weekend and we all know what that means…food will be shared and drinks will be flowing! What better way to get your drink on than with your dessert?! Yep, we are putting the booze IN the sorbet. 😉 My Orange Mint Julep Sorbet

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Why You Need Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Tea in Your Life

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Tea -- This is the type of detox cleanse that you should be drinking EVERYDAY! --

I’m always telling people they should seriously consider detoxing regularly to stay….well, regular. Pun intended! LOL But detoxing is so much more than staying regular. With my Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Tea recipe, your body will be praising you

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Crown Royal Vanilla Mixed Berry Lemonade

Crown Royal Vanilla Mixed Berry Lemonade -- "Grown folk" lemonade has never tasted so good!

Hey, guys! It’s the weekend so I’m going to make this a pretty short post. If you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat then you know I’ve been looking all around Houston for the limited edition Crown Royal Vanilla. Well, I FINALLY found it last weekend

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Strawberry Basil ‘Jito Cooler

Strawberry Basil 'Jito Cooler-- This is the only drink you'll need at your summer backyard BBQ party. --

Y’all, I’m super stoked to be sharing this Strawberry Basil ‘Jito Cooler recipe with you guys! Want to know why? Because it took me DAYS to get the video edited. Yep, it took days to get a 1 minute and 11-second video edited because

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Mango Moringa Lassi

Mango Moringa Lassi: The Inflammation Busting Smoothie -- This smoothie is just what you need to reduce the inflammation in your body to reduce pain and leave you feeling overall healthier. -

This is the BEST tasting, nutrient-dense smoothie you’re ever going to blend! I’m a huge fan of mango lassis and I strongly believe my twist on this classic that I am dubbing Mango Moringa Lassi takes the cake! I’ll let you guys be the judge

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